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In 2011, Germany put forward the concept of Industry 4.0, which now sweeps the globe and becomes the latest vision of many companies. Most countries have proposed relevant strategies and policies, such as: "Made in China 2025", "Made in India", etc...

"Made in China 2025" has promoted the enthusiasm for the construction of smart factories. The smart factory has integrated a number of technologies and deepened the understanding of PLM in manufacturing companies. In the construction of smart factories, some companies began to realize the importance of product innovation. The entire life cycle of the product is managed, covering the market to collect and analyze product requirements, accelerate product innovation, and obtain greater benefits in the product value chain. PLM provides a unified innovation platform to connect information, personnel, processes and other links to support the operation of the entire smart factory.

Since its establishment in Taiwan in 2013, AXA has assisted dozens of listed companies in importing Oracle Agile PLM, and actively engaged in biotechnology, automotive parts, high-tech manufacturing, composite materials, traditional manufacturing, chemical industry, etc. Industry standards such as IATF 16949 and ISO 13485 are available at Oracle Agile PLM and became a Qlik partner in 2015 to provide customer BI solutions and services. In 2018, AI was applied to the Oracle Agile PLM solution to provide customers with more efficient R&D applications. Looking forward to 2019, we will set up a branch office in Xiamen to provide the services required by customers in the three sides of the strait. We are self-proclaimed with the most professional PLM consultant team in the Chinese region. With the most dedicated service attitude, every project is full. Cooperation experience!