R&D Management Leading Trends Seminar


More and more customers are asking about the future product blueprint of Oracle Agile PLM. What's new? What new applications are there? Is it in line with industry regulations? Does it meet the information security standards?

At the Jinghua Hotel in 2018-11-02, Anselm Inc. held a seminar on “Leading R&D Management New Trends” to enable Oracle Agile PLM customers to participate in this experience sharing session with ease.

Thanks to the customers who participated in this conference to give us valuable advice, Anselm will be the original intention of Oracle Agile PLM professional consultant team and experience exchange bridge, and continue to hold relevant seminars in the future to strengthen cooperation with industry. Here are the agenda and highlights of the workshop:

  • An introduction to the future blueprints and key features of the Oracle Agile PLM product.
  • Implement industry specifications using Oracle Agile PLM: IATF16949, ISO13485, AS9100, with IATF16949 as an example.
  • Create a safe R&D data management platform: Implement ISO27001 and FDA regulations as examples
  • Impact application: When Agile PLM encounters AI

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