Oracle Agile PLM

If your business already has the following problems, you may want to consider contacting Anselm Inc.

  • Unable to respond promptly to the issue of customer product development
  • Unable to trace the progress of tech support or to track debugging of existing solutions
  • Unable to organize and manage information, such as schedules, research documents, and projects, scattered across different domains.
  • Unable to maintain file versions, resulting in increasing communication costs and manufaturing costs.


In today's business environment, hundreds of schools contend, new products are proliferating, and product life cycles are shortening. The impact of globalization and outsourcing has made it necessary for all companies to directly face the restrictions on environmental protection and trade regulations of different economies. How does a company overcome the difficulties, and lead among competitors to launch hot products in time to become the biggest challenge for all enterprises?


Anselm chose Agile Product Lifecycle Management (Agile PLM) products from Oracle to be the core solution for customer product lifecycle management. Agile provides a comprehensive solution to link all product, process and project management from product concept development, design and development, trial production, mass production to product launch, and Senior executives, project managers and R&D units can take advantage of Agile PLM to get instant, consistent and accurate R&D management information.

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